Selling FAQs

Why consign with Paddlup?

Are you one size fits all?

Regrettably, PaddlUp is not all things to all people. We specialise in rare and unique vehicles that are hand-picked by our team and typically have a perceived market value of over £100k. However, we welcome conversations with individuals whose vehicles don’t meet those criteria to see if we can broker a deal from within our network of contacts. 

Are you like other online platforms?

We set ourselves apart from other online auction platforms, it's not all about numbers!

Once a realistic return price has been agreed, Paddlup handles everything for you - the service we offer is tailored and remember, No Sale - No Fee!

Consigning a vehicle for auction

What documentation do I need when consigning a vehicle?

The documentation we require when consigning a vehicle includes but is not limited to a V5C, proof of ownership, any supporting documentation and service history. 

How long is an auction?

On average, our auctions run for seven days but this can be adapted to a seller’s requirements.

How do I consign a vehicle?

To start the consignment process, please complete our online consignment form. Please keep in mind, PaddlUp is a premium sales platform and typically only consigns vehicles with a minimum value of £100,000 or of special interest. We will take a detailed description of the vehicle and if both parties agree to consign, we set a suitable reserve price in line with current market trends. Your dedicated Consignment Concierge will manage the process from collection of the vehicle through to delivery to its new owner. 

How do I withdraw a vehicle?

Withdrawing a vehicle once you've agreed to consign is a complex process. Please contact your Consignment Concierge immediately if you have decided to withdraw a vehicle. The seller may be responsible for all costs incurred by PaddlUp. These may include:

  • Transportation fees
  • Photography
  • Research and lot listing
  • Marketing costs

Please do not consign if you're not 100% sure you would like to sell the vehicle. Once the reserve is met, your vehicle will change hands.

Can I choose when an auction starts/ends?

We are flexible to adapting the start and end times for our auctions depending on a seller’s request. 

How can I track my auction?

Seven days before your vehicle's auction goes live, we will begin our intensive pre-sale marketing activity, this includes advertisements on Auto Trader, PistonHeads Glenmarch and social media posts on PaddlUp channels. 

Your Consignment Concierge will keep you updated on how your vehicle is being received. Once your vehicle's auction goes live it will run for a minimum of seven days. During this period you can keep track of bids using the 'Bidding History' panel on your vehicle's auction page. 
Once the hammer goes down, other auction platforms would expect personal information to change hands. This is not the case as PaddlUp. Your Consignment Concierge will act as a bridge between the buyer and seller, utilising our Escrow system to guarantee your privacy, security and anonymity.

Do you carry out HPI checks on the vehicles?

We will complete the necessary checks before consigning a vehicle and will inform you of the result. 

What happens to unsold vehicles?

The main reason for a vehicle going unsold is that bidding doesn't reach the agreed reserve price. If your vehicle is unsold you will have a couple of options:

  • Offer the vehicle at a fixed price to all eligible bidders
  • Agree a new reserve and re-list the vehicle


What happens if my vehicle does not meet the £100,000 minimum criteria?

We are open to conversations with individuals whose cars don’t meet our criteria.

Can I list my car and keep possession?

YES - We no longer bring any consignments in-house to display in our showroom or take care of viewings.

Our clients would rather handle their own viewings and have no cost of sale (except photography and warranty).

Can I keep my number plate?

Yes, we advise you don’t remove this prior to sale due to DVLA delays etc


What steps are to prove ownership of a vehicle?

We carry out all of the necessary checks including previous owner checks, HPI, outstanding finance, insurance right offs and any outstanding claims. 

Fees and Payment

Are there any other additional costs?

Both buyers and sellers may incur additional charges E.g. collection/delivery charges based on location - ie non-UK.

How do I make/receive payments for a vehicle?

Winning bidders will be contacted directly by their Consignment Concierge. Payments will be completed by either a direct transfer ot if requested by either party, via our own escrow process allowing PaddlUp, the buyer and seller to all approve the payment before the handover of the vehicle is complete.  Please note that Escrow payments are administered by a third party and 10 working days for the arrival of funds must be allowed.

How does the escrow process work?

  1. Buyer pays PaddlUp within the agreed time frame
  2. PaddlUp completes the handover of vehicle in person with the buyer or their representative
  3. Buyer accepts the vehicle
  4. PaddlUp pays the seller.

What is the timeline from consigning my car to receiving payment?

We operate a seven/seven/seven strategy. Our pre-marketing programme runs for seven days from collection of the vehicle. The auction then runs for seven days and then we aim to handover your new car within seven days of the hammer going down. 

What fees are there for sellers?

There are no longer (01/02/24) any sellers fees applied.