2001 Ferrari 360 Modena F1

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At a Glance:

Extremely Low mileage example
Usable modern classic
Left Hand Drive
Recommissioned by Carrs Ferrari

5,000 miles from new, a huge US import investment opportunity

Equipment & Features:

  • Giallo Modena
  • Nero Interior
  • Red Brake Calipers


This extremely low mileage, 2 owner example has recently returned from Ferrari main dealer Carrs of Exeter, where in March 2023 it underwent works including:

  • 2nd annual service in which the engine oil filter, oil, pollen and air filters were replaced
  • Cambelt and cambelt tensioners change
  • Auxiliary belt change
  • Brake fluid change
  • 'Sticky' buttons rectified
  • New air conditioning dryer and receiver
  • New clutch block
  • New oil suction unit
  • L/H fuel pipe
  • New front and rear brake pad sets
  • New engine mounts
  • New gearbox mount
  • New front and rear suspension shock absorbers and springs
  • New O/S/R lower and upper suspension rose joints
  • 4 wheel laser alignment
  • All 4 wheels refurbished
  • New waterproof membrane for tub protection
  • Fresh MOT

This list covers the majority of work carried out and certainly isn't exhaustive, with the total invoice amount more than £12,000. The full 7-page invoice is supplied with the vehicle.



In 1999 a special significance went into naming the latest 8-cylinder Ferrari - the 360 Modena which proudly honours the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari. It too, is meaningful for the specific shade of yellow which has adorned the Ferrari badge for the entirety of the marque’s existence marking the connection with the coat of arms of the city of Modena.

So, finding a collector mileage example with its original paint in Giallo Modena can only be a fitting crowning glory to underline its connection with the birth of the legend. This left-hand drive Italian market example in the signature house yellow left the gates of Maranello in late 2001 but quickly headed to Japan and was registered in early 2002. By March 2003 it was re-imported to Europe in the United Kingdom where it has remained ever since.

The 360 Modena represented a radical departure from its predecessor rather than a natural evolution of the F355 Berlinetta. The main innovation is that the 360 Modena is the first Ferrari to be made entirely of aluminium. It also had entirely new mechanicals, floorplan, chassis, engine, suspension system and transmission.

The most immediately striking design features of the 360 Modena were at the front of the car which included the removal of the pop-up headlights and the absence of the characteristic Ferrari central grille.

The aerodynamic influence on Ferrari design had commenced using the underbody as a surface with an aerodynamic function with the entire front section was designed around the attempt to maximise the airflow towards the underbody.

Additionally, there was the need to accommodate the new position of the radiators. Engine breathing and cooling had separate intakes. Breathing is via air scoops over the rear arches,  and cooling takes place in the nose, behind a pair of grilles. Having learned from F1, the radiators are positioned in a tilt angle against the wind thus reduce drag. Placing the radiator at the nose not only improved cooling efficiency (due to more undisturbed fresh air) but also contributed to the improved, 43 / 57 front to rear weight distribution.

The 360 Modena has mellowed into a modern classic Ferrari mid-engine design and established a lasting lineage of design features that feature well into the modern day offering. In name, paint finish and condition, this low mileage house yellow example is a fitting Modenese flag-bearer.


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VIN VINZFFYR51B000123584
Year 2001
Mileage 8,159km
Exterior colour Giallo Modena
Interior colour Nero
Upholstery colour Nero
Driver's side LHD
Transmission Semi-Automatic
Engine Size 3.6L V8
Fuel type Petrol


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