The PopBangPaddlUp roadshow: everything you need to know

18th May 2022

A collaboration between Ian Cook's PopBangColour and PaddlUp

PaddlUp and PopBangColour are embarking on a one-of-a-kind roadshow in 2022, visiting many of the country’s key automotive and motorsport events, spreading the word far and wide about two truly unique entities in the industry. 


On the roadshow, we’ll be bringing our distinctive wrapped and branded Ferrari F40 along for the ride, enabling guests to get closer to this automotive icon than ever before.


The car in question is a genuine UK-registered 1992 Ferrari F40 and, as one of the later generation models, when it rolled off the production line 30 years ago it boasted suspension lift and catalytic converters, although the latter has since been removed making it sound even better than was originally intended! Our signature supercar has covered circa 31k on the road, and yes, we drive it regularly. It would be rude not to! 


This particular example has an intriguing back story, as it’s the only European-built car to feature a high level brake light. Famously, the carbon kevlar weave was visible through the F40’s paintwork which was not to the original owners liking when they took delivery of it. The car was subsequently sent back to Maranello under the assumption that it would be ‘painted properly’ and that a then non-standard American high level brake light would be fitted.  


Adding yet more character and exclusivity to the F40 is our ‘50LD’ numberplate, which was sourced specifically for the car and brand to attract even more attention and as a result, clients. As an oganisation that caters for investors and collectors, it seems rather fitting to have one of the ultimate appreciating supercars with an equally rare and exciting numberplate – yes it is a real plate! 


We’ve wrapped the F40 in our brand colours to make a lasting impact on anyone who happens across PaddlUp, both at events and out on the street. Following discussions with Ferrari itself, we came to an agreement that the car would be wrapped for a total of three years before undergoing a light restoration, which was overdue anyway. We’re all about investments at PaddlUp and we believe the journey this car has been on, and the recognisable bran symbol that it has become will only add to its value further down the line. 


When Ian Cook, otherwise known as PopBangColour came across the eye-catching F40 at an event at Donington Park, the seeds were sewn for a collaboration like no other. Since then, Ian has created numerous PaddlUp fine art pieces and displayed many of his original works around our incredible showroom, seamlessly blending the worlds of artwork and automotive under one roof. 


Naturally, the next step was to take this show on the road, with the contemporary automotive artist and a team of supercar purveyors reaching fresh new audiences across the country.