The 201mph Ferrari restomod

13th October 2021

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Restomods have become hugely popular in recent years. Petrolheads all over the world are desperate to part with their hard-earned cash for classic cars with modern reliability and usability.


Nostalgia is a powerful thing, many of those looking to relive their youth or buy their childhood dream cars have been stung with the breakdowns and big repair bills that can plague classic car ownership.

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Restomods solve those problems for what is usually a hefty asking price. It may be something of a niche, but it’s a niche with a huge amount of possibilities. The idea behind a restomod is relatively simple – take something old and outdated, then bring it up to modern standards. However, there is so much more that makes it truly special. Attention to detail is absolutely fundamental.

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The Testarossa is one of the most iconic and recognisable Ferraris in existence. After all, it is what many people believe to be the ultimate ‘80s poster car. The iconic side strakes mixed with the slats across the rear end give it an unmistakable identity. Add to that its presence in a multitude of movies and TV programmes and you start to see Ferrari’s ‘Red Head’ as an excellent representation of its era.

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What would have been one of the fastest cars on the planet in 1984 could now be outpaced by most modern hot hatchbacks. Speed isn’t everything though... When you buy a classic car you’re doing it because it’s lavished in charm and personality that a lot of modern cars just can’t offer. Whether it’s the auditory clunk of the doors, the thin airbagless steering wheel or even just the famous gated manual shifter, there are a number of reasons a classic like this is attractive.


Remove those rose-tinted glasses and you’ll start to realise there are some things you just can’t live without in a car. That could be something as simple as just wanting to listen to playlists and podcasts via Bluetooth. When you sit inside a classic supercar you realise just how far their modern equivalents have come in terms of amenities.

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The Testarossa has now been given the restomod treatment and in quite stunning fashion. Officine Fioravanti is the company responsible, and it’s been sure to leave no stone unturned in the quest to bring modern-day comfort and technology to an ‘80s icon. 


The exterior of the car remains relatively untouched, with the design staying true to the original’s Pininfarina-designed lines. The real work has gone on under the skin, and some of you might spot a few of those from the outside shots like the beefier brakes and enhanced exhaust system. 

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Testarossa anoraks will also recognise that it’s running centre-lock wheels just like early versions of the original car, with those wheels also being enlarged and staggered with 17-inch fronts and 18-inch rears compared to the original car’s 16-inch items. Though the new wheels are bigger they’re also much lighter, and they can be fitted with modern tyres, enhancing performance drastically.

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The suspension has been given a huge upgrade with Ӧhlins electronically-adjustable suspension front and rear and six-way adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars. It even has a modern-day suspension lift system that allows the car to raise the front end by 70mm.

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The beefed-up brakes we mentioned earlier are Brembo six-piston calipers at the front and four-pots at the rear. The ABS is 12-way adjustable and can even be switched off entirely, with similar levels of versatility for traction control.


All of this is controlled by a set of sumptuously designed retro dials in the cabin. Little touches like that – combining modern tech with retro aesthetics – are what really make this project special.

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The engine is a key aspect of this Testarossa. The unique 180-degree flat-12 has been taken from 390hp up to 510hp and 600nm of torque, with the redline now set at a breathtaking 9000rpm. All that extra oomph means it can now hit a circuit-tested top speed of 201mph.

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The much-improved top speed is also made possible by an upgrade to the aerodynamics with a newly designed flat floor. The whole car also weighs an incredible 130kg less than the original.

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The interior is no different to the rest of the car, with a perfect blend of retro style and modern creature comforts such as a premium audio system with Apple CarPlay and USB-C charging. For an extra shot of ‘80s there’s also a retro phone that can connect to the passenger’s device in order to make and receive calls.

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