PaddlUp goes to Supercar Fest

1st June 2021

The Yiannimize wrapped PaddlUp Ferrari F40 at Supercar Fest

Things are starting to get back to normal, or at least something that resembles it. For petrolheads, it’s been a long wait for a proper, physical car event, one where you can walk around with a few friends and take in the fuel-soaked atmosphere.


Supercar Fest at Sywell Aerodrome was not just PaddlUp’s first event of the year, but its first event ever. The clouds persisted until around 11am when the bank holiday weekend finally yielded some fabulous weather for people to enjoy a few of the PaddlUp cars, including the Yiannimize-wrapped Ferrari F40. Also on the stand was our rather special delivery mileage Lexus LFA and an SLR 722S Roadster signed by Stirling Moss himself.


Everyone remembers their first experience with the car that became their dream car. The pull of Supercar Fest is how up close and personal enthusiasts can get to the cars. Seeing, hearing and smelling these special cars is what really leaves an impression on people.


The eclectic mix of cars on the PaddlUp stand meant the team was busy throughout the day talking all things cars to fellow enthusiasts. There were smiles and photos galore as attendees had the opportunity to sit inside both the F40 and the SLR. We even had a visit from Yiannimize’s Nico and Mark who actually wrapped the F40.


Sywell Aerodrome is home to a 1km long runway, meaning crowds were able to see the supercars and hypercars unleashed out on the tarmac. Everything from a brand new Mustang GT500 up to the mind-boggling Koenigsegg Regera took to the strip, providing a wonderful variety of machinery. From the PaddlUp stand both the F40 and the SLR 722S lined up for a blast down the runway, with the SLR’s supercharged V8 helping it leave a sizeable set of elevens on the tarmac.


The entire PaddlUp team loved chatting to everyone around the event and is looking forward to many more events to come. So just remember to come over and say hello if you ever see any of the team.

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