Ferrari Testarossa: the Miami Vice poster car turned investment opportunity

21st April 2022

A Ferrari Testarossa in Rosso Corsa

The Ferrari Testarossa is, above all else, an automotive icon of the eighties. Posters of this revolutionary supercar adorned the bedroom walls of many a childhood car enthusiast during that era. Those individuals are now old enough and, some of whom are affluent enough to be able to buy and experience the nostalgia of the real thing.


The popularity of said 80s icons is seemingly increasing exponentially, making the Testarossa the ideal investment opportunity for those looking to own a piece of history, whilst also enjoying the benefits of an appreciating automotive asset.


Crockett's Theme anyone?

Having been made famous by the American crime drama TV series Miami Vice from 1984 to 1990 – and more recently in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street – the Testarossa became an instant hit. Billed at the time as the most accessible Ferrari on the market, the five-speed manual, rear-wheel drive GT was a car that many aspired to own one day and now, that is a very real possibility with PaddlUp.

Ferrari Testarossa 1988 Paddlup 23

The ultimate GT

With the vision of producing the best GT ever conceived at Maranello, the Testarossa was born. From that point on, however, the Italian marque came to the consensus that it wasn't possible to retain a focus on GT elements in a mid-engined supercar and subsequently switched focus to front-engine GT examples, returning to their tried and tested design.


The blend of its now-signature, side-mounted radiator accommodating 'cheese grater' strakes, retro-feel pop-up headlights and roaring flat-12 390bhp engine ensure this supercar is a true icon of the era, boasting what are arguably some of the most recognisable and memorable automotive features of the decade.

The instantly recognisable side strakes of a Ferrari Testarossa

That being said, since the classic and retro car resurgence of the 2010s and the emergence of online auction platforms like PaddlUp, the value of Ferrari Testarossas have skyrocketed.


Its final iteration – the F512 M – ceased production in the late nineties, therefore, the Testarossa was not considered a classic car until the last decade or so, bolstering its value of late even further.


The current market

Taking all of this into consideration, PaddlUp estimates that the perceived market value will continue to rise into the mid £100k range and that has already started to become evident on PistonHeads. Values are projected to continue to rise further still, owing to the unprecedented desirability for 'poster cars' such as this, making now the perfect time to make your next great investment.


Below data supplied by Glenmarch.

Ferrari Testarossa auction value data