G63 AMG - Performance Lifestyle

26th January 2022

So, you’re in the market for a car that can fulfill many roles. It needs to be practical enough to swallow both your family and golf clubs with ease, whilst demonstrating to friends and those around you that you still possess your sense of style, taste, and self-respect.

Detailed shots of a Mercedes G63 AMG

You’re a petrolhead, so it needs to stir the loins in the way only something who’s powerplant starts with a ‘V’ can, and mimics the God of Thunder gargling with mouthwash formed from the members of Iron Maiden when you bury your foot. Most importantly, it makes a statement, letting people know you know cars, whilst remaining subtle enough to not raise a tut from even the most curmudgeonly of your elderly neighbours.

Whilst many cars might almost fit the bill, there’s only one we can think of that ticks every box: Mercedes’ G63 AMG.

It's under the bonnet that the G63 really sets itself a cut above its peers, however. With a bi-turbo 4.0 V8 heart, this leviathan pushes out a colossal 577 bhp, with an even more impressive 627 lb/ft of torque, meaning a factory 0-60mph figure of 4.5 seconds, although multiple sources have recorded sub-4-second blasts. Not bad for a car that was originally designed for the German military, and retains a low range off-road mode, along with 3 locking differentials and Mercedes latest 4-Matic system, meaning it’s still truly capable of outperforming many purpose-built vehicles off road.

A 9-speed automatic gearbox, complete with steering wheel-mounted paddles, means the driver can make the decision to relax and use the G63 as the comfortable, cross country cruiser that it is, or make mincemeat of significantly more expensive performance cars from the traffic light grand prix.