Porsche 911 SSE Data Chart

The Porsche 911 Supersport Edition models hold a distinct place in the history of the iconic German sports car manufacturer. Introduced during the 1980s, these limited-production variants combined enhanced performance, unique aesthetics, and exclusivity to create a special breed of the renowned Porsche 911.

The story of the Porsche 911 Supersport Edition [SSE] models began with the desire to offer enthusiasts a more potent and personalized version of the classic 911. Porsche's engineers and designers embarked on a journey to create a series of 911s that would push the boundaries of performance while retaining the unmistakable 911 character.

In 1983, Porsche unveiled the first iteration of the Supersport Edition, known as the 911 3.2 Supersport. Based on the Carrera model, the Supersport featured a more powerful 3.2-liter flat-six engine that produced around 231 horsepower, a significant increase from the standard Carrera's output. This boost in power was achieved through various modifications, including revised cylinder heads and a higher compression ratio.

Beyond the enhanced engine performance, the Supersport Edition models boasted a number of distinctive features that set them apart. These included wider "Turbo Look" bodywork, typically reserved for the turbocharged 911 models, giving the Supersport a more aggressive and muscular appearance. The Supersport also sported the iconic "whale tail" rear spoiler, which not only contributed to its aerodynamics but also became a defining visual element.

Inside the cabin, the Supersport Edition models received unique touches such as sport seats, a smaller diameter steering wheel for a more direct feel, and additional trim enhancements that reflected the car's performance-oriented nature. The combination of exterior and interior upgrades resulted in a cohesive package that resonated with enthusiasts seeking an exceptional driving experience.

The success of the 911 3.2 Supersport Edition laid the foundation for subsequent iterations, with Porsche introducing the Supersport treatment to other 911 variants. In 1987, the Supersport Edition was offered on the 911 Turbo platform, creating the 911 Turbo Supersport. This model retained the iconic "whale tail" spoiler and the wider bodywork, enhancing the Turbo's already formidable performance.

By 1989, as the G-Series 911 transitioned to the 964 generation, Porsche unveiled the 911 Supersport Clubsport. This variant was designed for the track enthusiast, featuring lightweight components, increased power output, and a roll cage. The Clubsport was a more focused iteration of the Supersport, with a pronounced emphasis on performance and agility.

The Supersport Edition models were produced in limited quantities, adding to their allure and exclusivity. Their unique combination of performance enhancements and visual distinctions made them highly coveted by collectors and driving enthusiasts. These models not only pushed the boundaries of what 911 could achieve but also celebrated Porsche's commitment to delivering exceptional driving experiences.

In the decades since their introduction, the Porsche 911 Supersport Edition models have become sought-after classics. Their historical significance, limited production numbers, and distinctive blend of performance and design elements have solidified their status as cherished pieces of automotive history. Whether on display at prestigious car shows or roaring down the open road, the Supersport Edition models continue to capture the hearts of Porsche aficionados and serve as a testament to Porsche's dedication to innovation and excellence.

In conclusion, the Porsche 911 Supersport Edition models represent a captivating chapter in the lineage of the iconic sports car. Born from a desire to amplify performance and create a unique identity, these limited-production variants left an indelible mark on the Porsche legacy. Their blend of power, aesthetics, and exclusivity resonates with enthusiasts, ensuring that the Supersport Edition models remain a timeless symbol of Porsche's pursuit of automotive excellence.

Production Numbers

The production numbers for the Porsche 911 Supersport Edition models varied based on the specific model and year. These models were produced in limited quantities, adding to their exclusivity and desirability among collectors and enthusiasts. Here's a general overview of the production numbers for some of the Supersport Edition models:

  1. Porsche 911 3.2 Supersport:

    • Production Years: 1983-1984
    • Approximate Production Count: Around 400-500 units
  2. Porsche 911 Turbo Supersport (also known as Turbo S):

    • Production Years: 1987-1989
    • Approximate Production Count: Around 80-100 units
  3. Porsche 911 Supersport Clubsport (964 generation):

    • Production Years: 1989
    • Production Count: Limited to 87 units

Please note that these production numbers are approximate and can vary based on sources and specific model variations. The Supersport Edition models were intended to be special and exclusive variants of the Porsche 911, and their limited production numbers contribute to their rarity and collectibility.